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About Broken Links Finder

Broken Links Finder: Easily Identify and Fix Broken Links on Your Website


Over time as websites grow in size and pages, it can become difficult to manually keep track of all the hyperlinks and ensure they are working properly. Broken links that lead to 404 errors or unavailable pages are not only frustrating for visitors but can also negatively impact your website's credibility and search engine rankings. Thankfully, using a handy broken link checker tool makes it easy to systematically identify and fix broken links across your website.

A broken link, also referred to as a dead link, is a hyperlink on a webpage that is no longer functioning properly. This usually happens because the target page has been deleted, the URL was modified, the website is temporarily down, or there is some other connectivity issue. From the user's perspective, clicking a broken link leads to an annoying 404 "page not found" error and fails to load the expected destination page.




How Broken Links Affect User Experience?

Having too many broken links across a website can lead to poor user experience, loss of reputation, and reduced search engine rankings as search bots also face issues crawling the broken URLs. This phenomenon of excessive broken links is often termed as link rot.

Using a website broken link checker enables identifying all non-working links on your pages quickly and fixing them promptly. This prevents user frustration, maintains your brand credibility, and supports healthy search engine results.


How Does the Websites Broken Link Checker Tool Work?

The Websites Broken Link Checker from TheOnlineWebTools is an invaluable free tool for auditing the health of links across your website. It uses an efficient crawling algorithm to detect broken links based on HTTP status codes and connectivity issues.

To use it, simply enter your website's URL in the input field and click Submit. The tool will thoroughly crawl all the pages and scan every link on your website. It then displays a list of any broken links along with the status code like 404. This makes it easy to go in and fix the problematic links one by one.

The tool provides unlimited website crawling and checking capability without any restrictions on usage. There is no need to register or login - it is completely free to use for anyone. The clean and ad-free interface also makes this on-page SEO tool very user-friendly. Just enter a URL and get instant broken link auditing!




Why Broken Links Hurt Your Website

Leaving broken links unaddressed negatively affects both users and search engine visibility:

  • Visitors trying to access broken links will get annoyed by 404 errors and may leave your site. This increases bounce rate.
  • People can lose trust in your website's quality due to the presence of many dead links.
  • Search engines may downgrade pages with broken links in rankings as it affects site crawlability.

By routinely checking and fixing broken links using a checker tool, you improve user experience and also support healthy search performance. Keeping your in-site linking structure up to date takes some work but pays off.



In summary, a broken link checker automates the tedious task of identifying and troubleshooting any inaccessible or invalid links on your pages. This keeps your site navigation smooth and visitors happy. Combine vigorous link auditing with ongoing site maintenance to minimize broken links over time.