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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator Tool for Design Mockups


When designing websites or landing pages, it's common to need placeholder images before final assets are ready. A dummy image generator creates customizable filler images to populate your mockups and prototypes. This allows you to complete designs without waiting for real images.


What is a Dummy Image Generator?

A dummy image generator is a free online tool that creates placeholder images to use when prototyping website or app designs. Instead of waiting for actual images, you can insert dummy images to represent where photos, banners, logos, etc. will go.

The generator lets you customize size, color, and other attributes. You can add text overlays as well. The tool then instantly generates a dummy image matching your specifications to download and insert in your mockup.




Key Benefits

  • Speeds up design workflow - No need to wait for real images to start layouts.
  • Tests visual spacing - Dummy images help gauge how images fit into the design.
  • Allows early feedback - Get feedback on mockups before final image assets are done.
  • Checks performance - Identify any speed issues caused by images.
  • Free to use - Download unlimited dummy images at no cost.


Popular Image Sizes

When creating dummy images, it's helpful to use sizes that match the dimensions of common image types you'll likely have in your final design. Some popular image sizes to consider are:


Hero Images - These large, full-width images often lead a page. Typical dimensions are 1600x600 pixels or larger. Using a dummy hero image placeholder lets you design an impactful introduction.

Logos - Company or brand logos are usually small, square images like 200x200 pixels. Make a dummy logo placeholder to test sizing and spacing around this key brand element.

Feature Images - Medium images alongside text content are typically around 800x500 pixels. Dummies help visualize how these images will complement the text.

Thumbnails - Small product or category images to link to more details are often 200x200 pixels. Seeing thumbnails in context shows how they organize info.

Social Share - 1200x630 pixels is ideal for images that will be shared on social media. Dummies allow tweaking for optimal social preview.




How to Use the Dummy Image Generator?

Using the tool is simple:

  1. Select your desired image dimensions from common sizes or enter custom width/height.
  2. Choose image format like JPG or PNG.
  3. Pick a background color.
  4. Optionally add text overlay with custom font, size, and color.
  5. Generate and preview the dummy image.
  6. Download to your computer to insert into prototypes.


Tips for Effective Use

  • Use similar sizes to your final images for accurate mockups.
  • Add descriptive text like "Hero Image" or "Logo" for easy identification.
  • Try different background colors to test contrast with other elements.
  • Check how dummy images impact page loading times.
  • Always replace dummies with real images before launching live.



A dummy image generator lets you keep design projects moving without waiting for finished visual assets. The customizable placeholder images can be downloaded for free and inserted into prototypes and wireframes. This allows you to experiment, get feedback, and perfect layouts before final images are ready. Just don't forget to swap them out for real assets before launch!