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Keyword CPC Calculator: Understanding Cost Per Click (CPC) in Online Advertising


Cost per click (CPC) is a pivotal metric in paid online advertising that indicates how much an advertiser pays for each user click on their ad. CPC helps set budgets and evaluate campaign performance across search, social, display ads, and more.


What is Cost Per Click (CPC)?

CPC refers to the amount charged by a publisher or ad network when a user clicks on an advertiser's ad. For example, if an ad has a CPC of $1.50, the advertiser is charged $1.50 every time someone clicks that ad.

CPC is the cost side of "pay per click" or PPC advertising, where advertisers bid on ad placements and only pay when users engage. Higher CPC bids can help gain ad prominence.




Calculating Cost Per Click

To determine CPC, divide total ad spend by the number of clicks received:

CPC = Total Advertising Cost / Number of Clicks

For instance, if a campaign cost $100 and generated 50 clicks, the CPC would be $2 ($100 / 50 clicks).


How Our Keyword CPC Calculator Works?

By clicking the submit button, the CPC calculator will proceed to generating the results and you can copy them from the clipboard to use.




Factors Influencing CPC Rates

Several factors impact CPC rates, including:

  • Competition level - Higher competition for keywords raises CPC bids needed.
  • Ad rank - Higher ad relevance/quality means lower CPCs.
  • Keyword types - Brand terms are less expensive per click than non-brand.
  • Device - Mobile CPCs may be lower than desktop averages.
  • Location - Advertiser countries and regions influence costs.
  • Industry - Competitive industries see pricier click costs.


CPC vs CPM Advertising Models

CPC differs from CPM or cost per thousand impressions pricing:

  • CPC charges only for clicks, while CPM charges per ad view.
  • CPC aligns with direct response goals like conversions. CPM matches brand awareness goals.
  • CPC costs are controlled by setting bid limits. CPM costs are set by publishers.
  • CPC improves with higher click-through rate. CPM consistency relies on ad placements.




What Is a Good CPC?

The benchmark for a good CPC depends on many factors. However, average Google Ads CPC across industries is:

  • Search ads: $2.69
  • Display ads: $0.63

CPCs around these averages can be reasonable starting points for many advertisers.



Monitoring and optimizing cost per click is important for maximizing PPC advertising ROI. CPC not only represents the cost of campaigns, but also their competitiveness and targeting. Tools to calculate CPC along with ongoing performance analysis help make the most of ad budgets.